It's Her Chance

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It's Her Chance Foundation

More About What We Do

Our goal is to provide every homeless female veteran with the same resources needed to transition into permanent housing without regard to her demographic location. We are also striving to alleviate the feeling of being ashamed for reaching out for help.


Her Chance will work directly with Supportive Services for Veteran Families (SSVF), The US Department of Housing and Urban Development and VA Housing Supportive Program (HUDVASH), Grant Per Diem Program (GPD), and the Center for Women Veterans to bridge the gap between the VA and our veterans.


We want our veterans to know they are not invisible and their service to our country is greatly appreciated. We also recognize that the increasing female veteran population has unique needs that are not currently being met. We know that women helping women is a powerful tool for recovery. We want to utilize that tool to restore the trust between our veterans and the VA Healthcare System one woman at time.